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Sending A Resume- Common Practices, Professional Methods


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Resume > How To Write a Resume > Sending a Resume

Properly sending your resume to multiple potential employers is an essential part of the job seeking process. Here are a few tips that will help your resume stand out among other applicants.

You Will Need:

  • Resume & Cover Letter
  • Recipients Contact Information
  • Several Formats of Your Resume
  • Follow up Inquiry

Step 1. Including a well written cover letter with your resume can be the difference between you and other job candidates. Be sure to use a tailored resume cover letter to the specific job (industry) you are applying for.

Step 2. Find the name of a specific person at the company who you can address your resume to. This will ensure that it ends up on their desk, or their inbox- rather than floating around the office.

Step 3. If it is not clear from the job ad, inquire with the company about which method of sending they prefer (email, fax, or mail).

Step 4. Send the resume as a .PDF attachment. There are many different word processors, and not all are compatible with each format. The job posting may indicate which format is preferred. You can always copy and paste your resume into an email to send it, if you do not know which format to send it in.

Step 5. It's always wise to follow up on your resume with a phone call if possible (if not email), if you have not received any response from the employer.